Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Know Your USA 1.5

Users have requested a definitive list of improvements and new features in Know Your USA 1.5, below I have outlined all major features added to the new version of Know Your USA which has been available since early February 2008.
  • Audio by Sarah Lane, she is a broadcaster and director from California and presents popSiren on Revision3.
  • Improved interface across the software making it easier then ever to use and navigate.
  • Over sixty high quality photos from across the United States.
  • Excellent maps of each state are now included, these detail state capitals, major cities, physical features and more.
  • More topics included, we have added to the already jam packed features and now include oceanography, national parks, plus many of the current features have been updated.
  • Improved puzzle of each State, now two styles are available and a timer to keep track of your speed.
  • High quality Washington DC map.
  • Incorrect answers are now highlighted better in the Quiz section.
  • Teach section has been replaced by the Quiz section, which is much quicker to use and now includes a timer to track your score.
  • All new user guide details everything you need to know about Know Your USA.
  • About the USA area have been updated and now includes high quality image of the flag of the United States.
  • You can now disable links to Wikipedia
  • A new control panel for the School Edition, including excellent printable worksheets.
  • Many more tweak, fixes and features added overall a great update that we are extremely pleased about.

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