Thursday, September 04, 2008


NetBooks are hitting main stream, Dell today released their Inspiron Mini 9 for $399 (€399 / £299 inc taxes). The latest crop have Windows XP included and are very nice laptops, very suitable for schools due to their small size.

But some of the disadvantages include:
- Small hard drive capacity at 16GB, yes 16.
- Small 8.9" screen at 1024x600.
- Battery life is still limited to 3 to 4 hours.
- No optical drive.
- Only small saving over normal laptops*
- Windows XP, not Vista (could be an advantage too).

*Spend an extra 15% and you will get a full sized laptop with 15.1" screen, 160GB hard drive and optical drive.

Are schools interested in EdWare developing a version of our software designed for these mini laptops, currently all our software will work, but at 800x600 screen resolution, not widescreen. Is there demand for this, if so please get in touch.



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