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Try our new online Flash game which is free to play online. It's a simple quiz on the United States which is completed by correctly clicking on each state, all fifty are asked. There is also a timer so you can keep track of your time and your score too. Recommend this game to a friend.

If you click on the correct state on your first go it will color green, on your second go after hint is shown it will color orange. If you get it wrong on your third go the state will be colored red, and more study is needed! The hints provide additional information which will aid you along the way.

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Know Your USA
Our online Flash game gives you a taste of what is available in the full version of our award winning Know Your USA software, which can be download (free 30 day trial) or purchased online, either on CD or download.

Adobe Flash
This quiz require Adobe Flash plug-in installed on your computer. Normally this will already be installed but you can download the latest version at Adobe.com

Click on the Play Now! link to start playing. The graphics and maps were created by us and are incredibly detailed and accurate.

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